We have focused on the wholesale of pvc fences for more than 10 years, providing a source of goods for all pvc fence sellers

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General Customer Service Email: jeffreyna@longjieplastics.com

Call Us: +86 13917543216

Mailing Address: Room709, Yedi Building, No.695, Huilong Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai City,  China(Country)

Website: https:// www.longjieplastics.com/

Note: We are available Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PT


USA Head Office

Address: 1395 Grantham Drive Schaumburg IL 60193

Email: helenswoodencrafting@gmail.com

Tel: 1847-800-3524 Peter Choi


China Head Office

Address: Room 709, Building A, Minhang District, Shanghai

Email:  alen@longjieplastics.com

Tel: +86 15989193713



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